Renewables And New Technology


With increased advocacy for sustainability and mounting climate change concerns, CEU aligns its services in this regard by providing single and hybrid renewable energy solutions tailored to meet the requirements of individual projects. Our single power solutions rely either on either fossil fuels or renewable energy such as solar, hydro, wind, mini-hydro while our hybrid power solutions combine both streams for electricity generation. 

Sustainable long-term alternatives for power generation offer more efficient solutions, reduce costs and help to conserve the local environment. Solar, hybrid, wind and water power minimize energy costs, as well as position work sites, residential and commercial buildings as green-friendly. Our range of solar products include solar panels, solar batteries, power inverters, hybrid solar inverters, solar LED lights and much more. By providing this diversified energy mix for the teeming populace, we help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which increase the carbon footprint on the planet and aggravate the issue of climate change. 

From the conceptualization of a project to its maintenance stage, we utilize automated systems and data-driven processes for best results. Backed by cutting-edge technology and high-quality equipment, our products guarantee high performance, ease and operational efficiency.

Our value proposition is to provide innovative solutions designed with careful risk assessment processes that offer cost-effective and efficient solutions that can be implemented sustainably. Asides profitability, we also inculcate an attitude in our teams to consider the social and environmental impact of our business on all our stakeholders

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