Power Project Development, Execution And Management


The growing need for electricity is fueled by widespread technological advancement and globalization. Due to a proliferation in industries, businesses and commercial activities worldwide, energy demand keeps rising exponentially relative to supply. In Nigeria, where constant access to electricity seems highly unattainable, it becomes pertinent for power companies to proffer smart solutions that will ensure the average citizen has access to access to reliable and affordable power.

As an independent power generation firm, we undertake core functions ranging from power project development to execution and finally management of power facilities. With a keen focus on structuring, we strive to develop projects that are not just viable but are sustainable in the long term. We ascribe utmost priority to the planning phase for a seamless transition over the project lifecycle.

We conduct extensive technical and financial feasibility studies on potential projects to precisely determine its workability and long term benefits. This then informs our decisions regarding the power solution to develop, the appropriate execution strategy and how best to manage these projects over time. By deploying appropriate appraisal techniques, we can critically evaluate projects across the financial, social and technical dimensions. This helps to pinpoint potential areas of strength and weakness, risk and opportunities which have varying impacts on the project’s execution. 

Leveraging on our credible partnerships with key players in the industry, we are able to properly execute our power projects that are well suited to the client’s needs. We recruit teams that have unrivaled expertise in project management to oversee the entire construction phase of project. 

Prior to final hand-over of the plant, we perform a number of test runs on the installed facility, assess the final results, ensuring that all aspects of the project are reviewed and it is safe for use. CEU further offers professional management services to clients for proper maintenance of installed power plants and network protection

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