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For the complete realization of the client’s project, be it installation or restoration, CEU undertakes the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) functions of power project management. The scope of Engineering ranges from the conceptual design of the plant to the in-depth design of all aspects of the plant. Procurement entails all aspects of logistics, purchasing and fast-tracking the delivery of all equipment, bulk materials and services required for the successful execution of complex projects of power projects. Construction covers the activities of on-site erection, testing and commissioning of the new facility. 

Our EPC function is managed by a team of experts with and supervised by superiors with vast experience in their respective disciplines. We perform our projects with complete transparency and accountability providing full disclosure on the nature of our operations, quality of construction materials and equipment, timely updates on work-in-progress and other relevant details. 

By collaborating closely with our client, we strive to deliver results that align with customer’s stated and unstated needs.  After delivering top-notch facilities to clients, we also provide the necessary technical and advisory support for the smooth functioning of installations over time. Our routine service maintenance checks detect existing and potential glitches in power plants, which help to forestall severe breakdown of equipment. 

Due to the dynamic nature of the power industry is an ever-evolving one, customers are compelled to constantly upgrade their existing power facilities in line with current industry standards. CEU provides a broad spectrum of services designed to revive power plants and configure them to latest tech trends, energy efficiency regulatory requirements, health & safety and/or environmental laws. Our rehabilitation services seek to boost overall plant performance, reduce forced outages, downtime costs and guarantee maximum returns of low investment costs and prolong the shelf life of structures. 

At CEU, we adopt a highly strategic approach at each stage of the rehabilitation process, from initial plant assessment, inspection through to project completion to successfully deliver on customer’s goals.

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