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About Us

A wholly-owned Nigerian private power development and services company with technical partnerships across the thermal and renewable value chain.


CEU was incorporated on April 10, 2018, to  drive economic growth, improve rural and urban social well being, and unlock youth potential by providing access to electricity through the creation of reliable sustainable and innovative solutions and a profitable business model.


CEU was set up to pursue the business of Independent Power Generation, Management and Provision of Electric Power Solutions, CEU will also engage in the development and establishment of independent power projects covering gas, solar, wind, hydro etc.


To combine a profitable business model with our ethos for Social Impact & Development.

We believe in Africa's future and implement policies with our stakeholders that create employment, human capital development, positive social impact and targeted empowerment of the local communities. We also ensure that our profit driven approach is combined with a sense of responsibility to strengthen the fabric of the society around us by undertaking our ‘give back ‘ projects..

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